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Sumdog covers mathematics between the ages of 5 and 14. It’s designed to engage students, encouraging them to improve their math skills.

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Full K-8 Coverage

Learning is broken down into skills which are aligned to the standards.  Students can work at their own level and master skills before moving on to the next, while teachers track their progress with advanced reporting.

Our varied range of games mean there is something children of any age will find engaging, and any skill can be practiced with any game.

Because our math package covers the full standards from Grades K-8, gifted students who are learning faster than their peers can be challenged further with advanced levels, while Middle school students who need additional help and practice with foundational skills can continue working on the skills they need to master, without the whole class needing to work at the same level.

Ron Cintrón, Oak Meadows Elementary, CA, USA

I believe it helped mostly in fluency speed and motivation to get it right.

Math Subscriptions Include

Engaging games

Students love playing our engaging games, encouraging them to learn and practice without it feeling like a chore.

Powerful reporting

Advanced reporting lets teachers identify gaps and target intervention to those who need additional support.

Diagnostic test

We’ll determine automatically where each student should start – linked to the key curricula and standards.

Mastery Learning

Students work at their own level and master skills before moving on to the next.

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